Greenville, OH

If you ask a resident of Greenville what they like best about living here, they will say their community is a great place to raise a family, there is plenty to do for fun, health care is affordable, the crime rate is low and the schools are superior. What more could a family want? There’s a community college in town and six universities and colleges located less than an hour away. In this well-established community of about 13,000, people truly believe living here is a pleasure.

Greenville is small enough that neighbors know each other, but just large enough to support a strong business climate, including a thriving main street, with an appealing variety of restaurants, shops and services. If you decide it’s time for a little more excitement, you can drive to four major cities, each in less than two hours—Greenville is located almost exactly between Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

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