Marion, OH

Marion is located in the heart of Ohio near the state’s capital, Columbus. The Marion Division of Whirlpool is the largest and most successful clothes dryer manufacturing plant in the world. The quality and hard-working tradition that implies is a clue to the nature of the people who live here. They work hard, and they have traditional, down-to-earth Midwestern values.

Although Marion is a small town, and delivers all the good things that come with it, it’s very close to the city, so it’s a perfect example of a place that offers the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for a night on the town, you’ll love downtown Columbus. If you’d rather enjoy a quiet weekend outdoors, head to the Delaware State Park for peaceful camping, fishing and boating.

Marion is very family friendly. Citizens enjoy a brand-new $12 million YMCA facility, structured children’s community sports leagues, and enough festivals and museums to keep a family busy year-round.

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